January 2013 Poetry Contest for Kids

MyStoriesAndPoems’ poetry contests have been on hold for a few months but now they are back!

So—Parents! Encourage your children to think about other entertaining things besides cells and gaming. In this case—educational fun that offers prizes from MyStoriesAndPoems.com! :}

In case you did not know…

Signature Logo Constructing poetry helps improve reading, writing, and vocabulary skills—all of which are academically vital to getting good grades in school.

Signature Logo Creating poetry also gives children reasons to feel proud of something they have done; and prompts them to share their creations.

 Signature Logo MyStoriesAndPoems.com kids’ poetry writing contests are ALWAYS FREE! :}

Author, R. Renée Bembry is always anxious to encourage poetry and education; and thus loves to combine the two. In light of the tragedy that occurred in Newton, Connecticut at the end of 2012, MyStoriesAndPoems will utilize this month’s poetry contest to commemorate teachers. Therefore, this month’s contest theme is “I like my teacher because…”

Please observe the following points:

 Small_Hoolahoop_Image These poetry contests are open to children from 6 years old to 16 years old…

 Small_Hoolahoop_Image All entries must be posted in this poetry blog (emailed entries are no longer accepted).

Small_Hoolahoop_Image Children under 13 must get parental/adult help and permission to post their entries.

Small_Hoolahoop_Image Children select prizes from the Contest Prize page.

Small_Hoolahoop_Image Poem entries may receive critiques from the site host.

Small_Hoolahoop_Image Don’t forget to check the contest rules found at MyStoriesAndPoems.com/PoetryContest.


Good Luck! to all young writers… :}


Please post questions in this blog or email SillyMommy@MyStoriesAndPoems.com

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